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16mg 10-5ml vials

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Additional information

CYTOCARE 516 is a healthy complexion, a significant increase in turgor and hydration of the skin, reduction of appearance of wrinkles. Formula combined CT50 rejuvenating complex and hyaluronic acid 16mg. CORRECTION. Antioxidant and protective effects. Prevents the appearance of the first wrinkles.

This solution is particularly used for the correction in multiple areas on the face, except for the lips. Everywhere else has been targeted in multiple cases though, and it has also been used to treat lines on the decolletage area.The most common areas that this treatment is used for is the cheeks, the perioral area, the forehead, as well as the periocular area.

The indicated uses for the product are for improving elasticity of the skin, skin revitalization, skin regeneration and smoothening, and wrinkle correction.