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Through the whole period of our successful operation, we have established excellent partnership relations with all our suppliers. Due to long-term cooperation we receive reduced procurement prices from the manufacturers. We work with the most famous brands such as Belotero, Merz, Filorga, Allergan, Perfectha, Stylage, Surgiderm, Allergan, Teosyal, Teoxane, Silhouette, Aqualyx, Botox, Juvederm and others. And we always offer our customers low prices, wide selection of goods and great service. Our prices are the lowest and the most convenient for the customer. You will always find the best products from leading brands. We can offer you any product volumes amount in different price ranges.

We work to help you to avoid excess payment. Thanks to our efforts, you can instantly get oriented and make the right decision. Moreover, there has been not a single case in the history of our company, which could harm our reputation.

To know our updated prices and place an order for products you are interested in, please contact us.

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