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ALIAXIN® GP Global Performance


ALIAXIN® is the solution for global rejuvenation that enhances natural beauty and delivers balanced aesthetic results. The product replenishes the natural shape, fullness and symmetry of the face, restores tone, increases elasticity and maintains hydration. These are the aesthetic and therapeutic results that ALIAXIN® guarantees.

25mg/ml 2-1ml prefilled syringe

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 5 $189.00
6 - 10 2.65 % $184.00
11 - 20 4.23 % $181.00
21+ 5.29 % $179.00

Additional information

Aliaxin® GP Global performance of IBSA is a Dermal Filler, which aims at the global rejuvenation of the face. With its help, the skin tone can be restored, the natural shape, fullness and symmetry of the face can be filled in and the skin elasticity can be increased.